Friday, October 3, 2008

Zhong Yao

Zhong Yao was a calligrapher and politician of Cao Wei. Born in modern , he was at one time the Grand Administrator of Chang'an.

Following Cao Pi's death and Cao Rui taking the throne, Zhong Yao was appointed as a Grand Tutor of Wei in 226. As a student of Cai Yong, a famous calligrapher, he also contributed to the development of , and is known as the "father of standard script". His famous works include the Xuānshì Biǎo , Jiànjìzhí Biǎo , and Lìmìng Biǎo , which survive through handcopies, including by Wang Xizhi. Qiú Xīguī describes the script in Zhong’s Xuānshì Biǎo as:
:"''…clearly emerging from the womb of early period semi-cursive script. If one were to write the tidily written variety of early period semi-cursive script in a more dignified fashion and were to use consistently the pause technique when ending horizontal strokes, a practice which already appears in early period semi-cursive script, and further were to make use of right-falling strokes with thick feet, the result would be a style of calligraphy like that in the “Xuān shì biǎo"''".

Zhong Yao's son Zhong Hui was also a calligrapher and a general of the Wei who conquered Shu Han with Deng Ai.

Personal information

* Son
** Zhong Hui (钟会)

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